Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DEAD KENNEDYS! Democrat take advantage of senator's death to promote healthcare makes me sick.


Shut up you hose wearing leftist lepers!

You democrats taking advantage of a death senators to promote healthcare makes me SICK!

(and if you commie loving nazi huggers get your way your thousand page joke of a health care system won't even be able to help cure my sickness...)

Democrats are using Ted kennedy's death to convince people to vote for thier healthcare bill.

"It was Ted lifelong cause."

Us real americans are not fooled by those Welfare wanting Socialist suckasses trying to pull on the heart strings of people that actually have hearts.

Is the body even cold yet Nancy Pelosi?

Why not dig up the graves of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett while you are at!!!!

(Michael would've wanted you to all be able to get nose jobs under our healthcare bill.)

These desperate democrats are despicable.

You should have respect for the dead not use them to your advantage.

Democrats are nothing but graverobbers.

First they want to rob us of the best healthcare system in the world. Second they want to rob us of our hard earn money through taxes to pay for "social" programs. And now they want to rob the graves of our dead and piss on the gravestones.

You should be ashamed you leftist elitest.

The good senator may not be able to rest in piece but we can take pride in that democrats finally found a way to put the nail in the coffin of thier healtcare bill.

Healtcare bill

Leave the dead alone

Do it for Ted!